Workshop Day Instructions 

1.      Come dressed to ride, single layer clothes. Nothing baggy padded riding shorts or tights are best.

2.      You are welcome to bring your riding clothes there will be a short break prior to the ride at the end of the day for set up.

3.      Bring a hand size towel and a bike water bottle.

4.      Stiff sole shoes are the best for riding comfort.

5.      A heart rate monitor is suggested; please bring your own if you have one. I will have a small number of loaners for a few riders to try.

6.      You will be sitting through approximately 7 hours of lecture so please bring something warm to cover up with. I keep the room cool to cold.

7.      You may want to bring a change of dry clothes. You will be taking one (1) ride on workshop day. At the end of the day just before the quiz.

8.      If this workshop is being held in a cold climate, it is very important that you bring dry clothes to change into before leaving the club.

9.      Bring a pen/pencil for taking notes also a highlighter to indicate the important text.

10. Please bring snack food to keep your energy up through the day. We will take a 30-minute lunch but consuming a few calories through out the day will help your ability to stay focused and learn. Eating while the lecture is in progress will not bother me. Make sure these snacks are easy to digest.

11. A gel seat cover will also improve the saddle discomfort for those of you who are not seasoned riders. This is optional. Be prepared for saddle discomfort it is part of the learning curve.

12. The quiz material will be covered during the day, pre study is not necessary. There are 45 questions, all are multiple choice and true false.

13. Our goal is always to finish at the scheduled time; however that will be determined by the number of people, questions and time it takes to cover the material sufficiently for you to be successful at the end of the day. My goal is for you to leave with the minimum knowledge you need to teach a safe and effective cycling class. Be prepared if we run over time.

14. And last but not least enjoy the ride as well as the adventure.






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